Guided Adventure+ 1-1/2 Hour

Guided Adventure+ 1-1/2 Hour
USD $115.00
  • Duration: 90 Minutes

Every route for the Adventure+ ride can vary.  Speed varies. Ride is subject to weather and snow pack.  A minimum of 2 snowmobiles is required for all tours.  Refuel fee is applicable to all rides.

Single Rider $115

Double Riding $144 --- with a 350 lb. combined weight limit for double riding.  Switching drivers is allowed in the Snowmobile Park only.  It is prohibited in the back country. 

Sleigh $60 (Optional - 1 available) -- Adding the sleigh converts the tour to a PRIVATE TOUR.  2 snowmobiles minimum in addition to the sleigh.  Great option if you have more passengers than drivers.  300 lb. weight limit.  Passengers up to 5'3" tall are welcome.

Departure:  9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., and 2:00 p.m.

Includes:  Snowmobile, helmet, instruction, practice, and guide (gratuity not included).  Property damage insurance is optional.  

Guests must arrive 45-minutes prior to their scheduled departure time.  (See confirmation email which includes "What to Wear/Bring").

Age Requirements:  A valid driver's license is required. Parents must be present for drivers  age 17 driving "single" in the back country.  Age 16 to drive "single" in the Snowmobile Park.  For groups ages 18-21 singles only.    Age 21 to drive "double" (with a passenger).   Minimum age of passenger is 6 riding on a snowmobile or utilizing the sleigh is AGE 6.

Waivers:  All participants must sign a waiver.  This information is found in the confirmation email.


You may cancel or make changes NO LATER THAN  8 a.m. AS FOLLOWS:

  •      1-4 snowmobiles 1 day prior to your scheduled ride
  •      5-9 snowmobiles 2 days prior to your scheduled ride
  •      10 or more snowmobiles 3 days prior to your scheduled ride 

Please give us a courtesy call if your plans change at 760-935-4480. 

No shows or failure to give us sufficient notice of changes.   Your card will be charged the full amount of the booking. 

If we cancel, any charges to your credit card will be fully refunded.  Allow 3-10 days for this to appear in your account.